Monday, 26 August 2013

Is the Mantra ”Eat to Live“ or “Live to Eat” the only speed breaker ?

Are we familiar with these two terms ? Many will say yes , Have you ever thought why? Everybody knows that these two mantras relate our food lifestyle with our living so these two terms ought to be the Synonymns of one another.
           Nearly 80% of the people have this misconception, Just picking a mantra and following it blindly won’t serve anything ; Before taking ur pick u should know what purpose it will serve. Most of u will definitely go by “Live to Eat “  as majority of u are gluttons. I am not criticizing gluttony but facts have revealed that India is the only nation which produce gluttons ; Punjab dominates in this race , like Ostentatious Punjabi weddings , Punjabi food too is unmatchable . Hot oil dipped Paranthas served along with Makhan , Lassi and Dahi adds as a morning delight in Punjabi Breakfast  without which the Punjabis can’t even think of starting their day.
          Bengal and Himachal carry this legacy forward as people of these two states are die hard Rice fans. Rice is the only crop they would love to have all seasons . Sometimes i wonder unlike Rise in Onion prices if the gov increase rice prices then the people of these two states will surely be paralysed. Beside states the most important contributor towards gluttony has been the Spices , India is known for spices ; India without spices is like body without heart. Spices complete Indian food , Indians love to add tadka of desi ghee in their food along with other spices, Unless the food has that tadka it is not considered to be a good cuisine by Indian folks.
         This is surely the perfect example of “Live to Eat “  . Mc Donald’s, the leading food brand never thought that it would gain popularity in India . Mc Donald’s started it’s first branch in America, It’s growth was so rampant that before anyone could figure the reason they decided to set up another branch in India. Contract was signed , Everything seem to go perfect but for some this was Euphoria ! Efforts failed! It came as a heavy blow “, said ‘ Mr. Ray Kroc’ , the founder of Mc Donald’s  . Kroc decided to find the reason for this failure ; He decided to plan a trip to India. When he reached India he went to meet the GM of “The Taj” , Leading five star Hotel of India. Kroc told him his dilemma , GM understood the matter and gave his views , Things changed and Kroc’s visit to India proved to be a turning point
       He went back and reformed the functioning of Indian branch , Soon the Efforts proved to be fruitful , Mc Donald’s became leading food grosser in Indian market . Reason of this success is very clear. Kroc understood that Indians Love spicy tadkedar food  so hamburger brown was replaced with Mc Spicy veggie and Mc spicy chicken respectively , basically low calorie food was replaced by high calorie cuisine. Mc nuggets , Mc puffs , ice tea , krushers etc. too came into existence. With this the Sale of Mc Donald’s touched heaven hence coming to conclusion that Indians “Live to Eat”.
        On the contrary there exists a world in which people just “Eat to Live” . All the western countries go by this mantra . Unlike the spicy Indian food , Western food is devoid of spices , tadka or any sort of high calorie additive. One slice of whole multi grain bread , bowl of milk along with cornflakes without sugar , salad , fruits , soup etc adds to a morning delight . Perfect, American breakfast to start your day with.
People are health conscious instead of being glutton. But still i will say that our purpose is yet not solved .
         Taking a pick can only help in deciding the purpose, not a remedy. Even after choosing an appropriate Mantra like Eat to Live” people are still prone to health diseases , Thyroid and Asthma dominating the race . What is the reason?
We have made our body soporific, we don’t want to exert it. India is known for yoga but hardly anyone of us would know the correct way to do it .Meditation, which has it’s roots deep seated in India even before 21st century is not of any use to us because most of us find it just a waste of time . History says” Meditation can transform your Karmas , you can turn all your misfortunes to fortunes”. So Besides appropriate  mantra , fitness should be given equal importance . One hour devoted towards fitness will prove fruitful as it will not only enhance your metabolism but also bring your body back to shape. You will be more enthusiastic and less disease prone.
         Thus it’s not just about picking mantras but we need to diversify our  thinking , only then can we say that we live in Healthy India .

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