Monday, 16 April 2012


That day blossomed up as the signs of first heavy monsoon along with devastating thunderstorm was witnessed,
the environment became so calm and landscape was just eye catchy..
i woke up and found myself lost in something,i was humming romantic melodies which i never did before.
something caught me up and i was not able to figure it out, i was not the person i use to before
there was tremendous change and by the time i could just sit down and think over it, i realised the reason of my blush was the luncheon.
yes the luncheon which i had on that day with someone close to me.
sitting there admist the corner and talking to each other was the best thing i loved..
it was quite romantic to cuddle each other. there was no one to catch our attention.. silent atmosphere drove me more closer to someone..
it was perhaps the best luncheon i had. the memories were cherishable and worth remembering..


  1. Wow...Rinni! I am really glad that you have started your own blog...I know you write really this will be a treat for me.
    This looks great...I am eagerly waiting for your posts to arrive!
    - Lopa

    1. And this would be an honour for me infact a big thanx to u for leaving a comment over here,i know i don't write that good as u but stil i will make a try...
      lets see..
      thank u so much for ur words of wisdom
      love <3