Saturday, 21 April 2012

Nature's Love

Nature is the best gift given to us by god,everything is gonna be destroyed but only one thing which will last forever is nature.The beauty of nature can be seen only by the nature lovers,some great poets like Robert Frost,John Keats,Lord Byron etc romanticized their love for nature beautifully in their magnificent poems.If these people can be the nature admirers then y can't we?
After Apple picking,a poem by Robert Frost is an ironic poem.
In the whole poem poet expresses his love for nature so well that the readers are forced to think and act wisely.
One line that is admired by the reader's is: "I woke up early morning and saw the dew drops in my
garden,i was having the glance at it and suddenly the drop fell on my hand
i was half asleep that time so i imagined myself holding the dew drop and glancing the whole world through it. Believe me that was the picturesque moment cuz realization dawned upon me
and i realized that world is looking so crystal clear,suddenly something fell down and the
dew drop i was holding vanished away and then when i looked at the world around i found it all corroded".
The main motive of including these lines here is to tel u that nature has lot
more to give u if u worth it truly,nature can be ur true lover if
u value it cuz the one thing that's evergreen is nothing but only the nature.

One rose gifted to u by ur loved one starts new relation.That's the magic of nature
The same rose is kept so preciously by the person,this is the love for nature.
Y do lovers gift a rose? cuz its aroma enlightens the soul of two lovers
and fuse their heart together into one. The whole landscape around
rejoices with them and that's the time when first rain of love falls from heaven
Call this a nature's magic or monsoon but it is the best thing that happens to lovers.

Some love beach walk,underwater diving,boat rafting,swimming etc.
well have u ever thought wot is the main reason of choosing such sports?
the reason for this is: The way u can connect with nature so well,u can't
get connected in the similar way to any other thing in the world.
Sitting under the tree and glancing the sunset, dancing in the rain,counting the rainbows,
collecting the sea shells etc are some of the wonderful moments that make u nostalgic.

When the waves hit the shore and when the water touches ur feet it feels as i someone is in love with u. ah! wot a feeling it is!!
to be alone on sea-shore, sittting there and listening to the buzzing sound of the waves
are the moments worth rememorable and cherishable.
U forget all sorrows of ur life when u take a nap under tree
u start loving someone when u enjoy the rain: the best part being
when the drops are falling on ur face,ur eyes are closed and u r thinking about the person u love
that makes u romantic and people say love is in the air..

Walking hand in hand with ur loved ones on beach is the dream of all lover's
cuz nature is the lord of all lovers. U learn to love from nature.
these are some moments which we crave for throughout our lifetime,
the moments which nature gives us.
and still people destroy nature. I don't know y man has pride?
when god has given us the beauty then y can't we admire it?
y do people believe in destruction rather than construction?
y is nature fled to man's mercy?
these are some questions which are need to be answered.
in the end i would like to say that plz stop destroying nature, i am nature lover
and i can't tolerate all this..
Stop all such practices!!
 start embrassing nature and nature will embrace u!!


  1. Good one Rinni!
    I really like the comparisons and examples you have cited...
    I read this on a blog, and your post reminds me of it:
    Nature in its own predictable way teaches unpredictability in every thing around. like a fresh water spring or stream amidst huge rocks or a shoot which finds its way to smile all through a cement crack. telling us again and again if you want it you will find a way to do it….
    Nice post Rinni...keep writing!

    1. thanx for the like and for the appreciation as well..