Tuesday, 26 January 2016

"Shades of Summer, Saga of Summertime Sadness"

My head is still spinning around. That night was so complete and impeccable. Ana, my roommate comes to my room with a morning tea and breakfast. “Kate Beckett is caught with flu”, she said. You had to probably go and meet Mr Grey for an interview. Holy Shit! Fetch me some clothes, Ana.

I am bad with directions. Where do i have to go?
Vancouver, said Ana. Holy Shit! I can’t do this. “You have no choice”, said Ana.

Journey to the end began. Sultry morning and Coldplay’s Scientist made me better. Map now shows 500m. Ah! There it is, Grey Enterprises.

Hello, Miss Beckett. This way please. I was surprized to see the d├ęcor. Grey had slightly different but an extraordinary taste, I whispered. My inner goddess was anxious to know more about Mr Grey.

The door opens and as i step in, I fell right on my belly. Damn! It hurts. “Miss Beckett, Are you fine?” said Mr Grey. Yes, I utter. He lends me his hand. I managed to stand and as soon as our eyes met, I realized that he is so hot.

For a moment, I became numb. “Holy cow! I want him now”, whispered my inner goddess. Keep calm! Steele. Please to meet you, Miss Beckett. I am Steele Taylor, Beckett is my neighbour. She is caught with flu. So, I am here to interview you.

Ten minutes, you have just ten minutes. “That is enough more me”, I said. I ferret around my interview questionnaires and adjusted my recorder. “Ready”, I said. “I had done this before. Tell me when you are done with your adjustments”, said Grey.

First question on the list is: You are a billionaire, whom do you give this credit to?
Grey: I give this credit to my hard work as it is the only ingredient to succeed in life.

Fair enough, next question on the list is: You have such a massive empire, why do you want to exercise control on everyone?
Grey: That is what I am. I feel that i can control anyone with anything and i have the right to do that.

That was quite intimidating, I said with a hesitant smile. Last question on the list is and as i glanced, I was speechless for a moment and then i managed to regain my confidence. Well, the next question is: Are you a gay?
Grey: No, he uttered with a smile on his face.

That was all in the list. Thank you for your time Mr Grey. Wait! Miss Taylor, I would like to know more about you. I was biting my lower lip; my inner goddess just went irresistible when Grey bend over. Stop biting that lip, Miss Taylor. It is distracting me.

I had no idea what it would be when i will meet Grey. There was something in him that made me felt so alive. He was tall, fair and handsome. His fragrance just turned me on every time when he would bend over but this time it was not just the touch but whole of Grey.

Holy Shit! My inner goddess wants him even more now. Miss Taylor, are you okay. Damn! It was not real. I felt hallucinated with Grey thoughts. Mr Grey, i think i may now take your leave. Steele Taylor, i can’t resist now. So, do i Grey. He turned my head and leaned over to kiss me. His gentle touch increased my desire even more. My heart was pounding and my breath increased. That was probably the Grey effect, I thought. Holy Shit! My inner goddess provokes me to spend a night with Grey. Damn! Shut up, I can’t. It’s too early. Go Steele, Grey is so yours. Shut up, Shut up.

Miss Steele, Miss Steele. Are you okay?

Damn! Not again.

Yes, Mr Grey. I wanted to say no but i controlled my desire.

Come, I will escort you till the main.

Lift comes, door opens. Grey is standing so close to me. Holy Shit! Grab him Steele, grab him from the collar. Shut up, i whispered.

Did you say something?
No, I said.

He grabbed me from my head and this time it was real. For a moment i thought it was a dream but when i felt Grey inside my mouth, i realized it’s on. I whirled his tongue inside my mouth. I could hear his groan. Ah! I loved it.

Door opened again. This time it was a departure. He hugged me tight. I stepped out facing him.

Steele Taylor!

Doors closed. That was the first time i had a horny experience. Grey just drove me crazy.

It is summer time now. I haven’t heard of Grey since then.

Ana, my roommate interrupted me again. This time she was in with lunch.

Those were the shades of summer and Grey. Ah! How i miss those shades. 

Oh! Grey! will you ever be mine?


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