Thursday, 28 January 2016

"January Madness"

It was the day of Twilight. I had no clue what the day would turn into. Birthday melodies, chirping birds, morning bells, divine hymn, and breath taking sunlight kept me occupied. Even Almighty rejoiced to the tune of birds and that’s when i could hear the silent thunder.

I was enjoying my own sultry morning when suddenly, I noticed a missed call on my cell. Damon Salvatore, Damn!

With a hitch, I called back. Baby, where were you?
Sorry!  Honey. I was taking a shower.

So, what is the plan? Where are we going?
It’s your day Ana, you decide. Come on! Damon, this is not fair.

Okay tell me where you are. “Shopper’s Stop, Sector 18”, replied Damon.
Cool, I will see you at 2:00 PM near sector 18 metro station.

With that conversation, my heart started beating furiously. I became conscious since i wanted to look impeccable. I rushed off to meet Damon. There he was, staring at me for a while; he said “You look so cute”. I began to blush and he was unable to take his eyes off from me.

We boarded a metro to Saket since Damon wanted to go to Select City Walk. Our journey was romantically exciting. Damon was standing so close but i could feel that disguise on his face. He said he wanted to hug me tight but not in public. I was rejoicing at his thought; for the first time i felt so live. It was Damon’s spunk that made me even more zealous.

Finally! We are here, said Damon.

There was something in the air of Select City that day. The sudden breeze drew me even more close to Damon. We were strolling through the pathway, when suddenly my eyes caught hold of a nicely decorated perfume shop. I insisted Damon to come with me and help me with fragrances.

Which fragrance would you prefer Mam?
 Mild suits me.

Mam, try Hugo Boss Deep Red. It gives professional and casual feel.
Yeah, this one is good. Please, keep it aside.

Mam, why don’t you try Dolna and Geith’s? The fragrance is as soothing as those of white roses.
No, it’s not so good.

I would like to explore Calvin Klein collection. Do you have one?
Yes Mam, we do. Please, come this way.

Which ones are you targeting?
I would go for Eternity, Sheer Beauty, and Aqua Cool.

No, these are not as cool as Hugo.
Damon, please suggest me something.

Go for Dolna and Geith’s baby.
I would rather go for Hugo Boss Deep Red.

After fragrances, it was time for real munching. Seeing the ambience of indoors we forgot food and sat down holding hands while talking and gazing at each other. Damon! Thanks for making my day special.  O! Dearie! Let me treat you like an angel. It’s my duty to love you and I am obliged.

5:30, time to rush. “Where are we going now Ana?” asked Damon.
We will leave for Fio now my love. Time just began to seize. Damon kept on staring at me.
His smile was so innocent and his stare made me cautious. My inner goddess became irresistible again. There it is, one the Delhi’s Top 12 restaurants featured in Romantic and Outdoor Seating. Fio was just magical and serene.
The pebbled floor, shed, bonfire, music, dim lights, candle light dinner, Adam Levine’s Locked away and horny Damon; perfect and magical.
That was our second best magical and romantic moment. We both got lost in the ambience and d├ęcor of Fio.

Our eyes met and we could hear Adam’s voice in the background:
“If I got locked away
and we lost it all today
Tell me honestly, would you still love me the same?
If I showed you my flaws
if i couldn’t be so strong
tell me honestly, would you still love me the same?”

Yes, he said. I kept on looking at him with sheer love. He held my hand and handed me my birthday present. The gift wrapping was so cute that i told him I won’t open this.

Ana, please open and see your present. I began to unwrap my present. He bought Fas track metal band wrist watch for me. It was slim and sexy. I liked his choice. 

Damon, thanks for this beautiful present.
Ana, I wanted to buy more presents for you but I fell short of time.

We exchanged romantic gaze but in another second, waiter interrupted us.
We had to order something. Let’s order Glazed chicken, as an Appetizer.


What would you like to order in drinks?
I would prefer Cosmo on Rocks.
One Red Label for me, said Damon.

Sure, replied the waiter.

For the main we decided Grilled Chicken thin crust wood fire pizza. I didn’t know when Damon asked the waiter to bring my favourite chocolate mud pie brownie cake. 

Fio staff played Happy Birthday on piano and Damon just gave a gentle kiss on my cheeks. He said” Happy Birthday, my love”.

Everybody started clapping. It was the perfect moment to be captured. Damon treated me like an angel. The magical Fio casted love spell upon us and we got lost in January madness.

Let thy arms be my pillow,
Let thy lips be my harmony,
and thy footsteps, the only music that my ears long to hear.
Let me be thy lover,
Let me miss thy presence like an enormous yes,
and let thy days blossom like January madness.

O! Damon! I miss you and I miss our January Madness.


  1. Another interesting piece of writing i have gone through. wow .

  2. Thanx for liking it. It's motivating :)