Friday, 10 June 2016

"Breaking Dawn"

I am tired walking on countless rocks,
I slip and fall but there is no one to hold my hand,
I manage to surpass every hurdle, yet I fail every day.

My soul is now broken into bits and pieces; Waiting for a silver lining.
Life has lost its direction,
and I am all alone on the path of broken glasses.

No shoulder to cry on; no hand to wipe tears; no one to remove those broken bits of glasses.
There I stand still, my hands tied; I am hanged on a broken glass.
I bear; I tolerate; I smile, yet i fail every day.

I am tired, tired of walking on countless rocks,
I start as an audacious warrior but end up being a stupid mourner;
my days are all dark and grey.

When will my life face a breaking dawn?
If it does, then I would long Forever.

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