Sunday, 14 August 2016

"Déjà vu"

On the cliff, I stand again,
waiting for the light to come.

I know I am being selfish,
trying to pacify my bruised heart.
My life is taking steep turns;
soul is being torn apart by the tremors of guilt.

If I could get another chance,
to repair what is already been damaged.
I promise, I would fight like a warrior,
and bring home the souvenir of audacity.

I remember those dark days,        
when I was struggling for light to come.
My lost soul trying to find its direction,
and I was bestowed with those scars of failure.

I won’t give up now,
I can feel the pain,
and I can sense the unpredictable.
Oh! I wish this could seize,
to give rest to my tormented soul.

Once again, my life is dismantled.
I can feel the pain, those dark days are back.
It’s nothing but Déjà vu.

Oh! I wish this could be an end,
but here I am, standing so strong.
It’s time to put up a brave strife, once again.

Now, I long for peace,
to strengthen my feeble heart.
I wish, I could erase this Déjà vu
but it goes on, allowing me to recreate history
once again.

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