Saturday, 13 February 2016

"Brooklyn Love"

If only i could unleash the future- I would have made u mine once again,
My love is like winter- still growing strong,
It needs no ice- it thaws down when I am in your arms.

I remember, how you proposed me on an Eiffel Tower,
I felt special- It was like eating my favourite chocolate,
The way u bend down on your knees,
You held my hand and gifted me a diamond solitaire,
My heart still beating fast and all i could utter was I Love you.

The Christmas wedding bells added a spunk to the cutest delight,
I wish, I could Marry You then,
Your sweet gesture melted my heart, like heat melts an iceberg,
I was diving in a volcano of love- every turn i took, lead me back to the start.

Your love baby is like a sweet antidote- it keeps me alive,
now, that you are mine- I would love to spend
my summer, winter, and monsoon with you.

Kiss me this Valentines baby,
I miss your gentle touch and warm delight,
Make me yours once again,
Our Brooklyn love is like Cosmo on rocks,
Still addicted, yet so erotic.

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