Tuesday, 16 August 2016

“Ode to Mother”

I came on the land of dark knights,
I wanted to escape but I was too feeble,
I cried for help but the world around me laughed.

I wanted to escape from the shackles of unknown relationships;
I didn’t know the meaning of love, until I met you Mother.

There was something in you that pacified my soul,
the moment when you held me into your arms.

I was afraid of the darkness but my fears were long gone,
the moment you became my pillow tight.

Mother, you held my hand when odds were against me.
I longed for freedom but you guided me like an unerring light;
I turn back and realize how fortunate I had been.

You surpassed every winter and never complained,
At times, when I was rude- you were still so patient.

Mother, I don’t know if any antidote could repay this lifelong debt,
but having you as my mother, is probably the best thing that has ever
happened to me.

I know that I have many flaws; you often complain that
I don’t speak my heart out,
but you are flawless, Mother.

I love you unconditionally,
but it’s just that, the words are not enough to describe, what you mean to me.

I may not be perfect- not the kind of daughter you always wanted,
but you had always been the Mother that I could ever ask for.

O! Mother, you are the only ocean of my hope,
the only sunshine in my life; your love has given me the new start.

Mother, you are the voice of God.
All these years, you had guided me through the dark;
I would love to sail the world with you forever.


  1. Very touching...So beautifully written and expressed.