Saturday, 4 February 2017

"Lover's Letter"

It was a crimson morning- The look you gave when our eyes first met.
My pale cheeks turned red- The moment you came close and held my hand.
It was summer, yet it rained- The moment you whispered- I Love You in my ears.
Time burned and so does the sun but I was burning on the edge of something beautiful- Your love.

The sweet promises while watching an early sunrise- I will never let you go.
The tender pecks while walking on a beach- I will grow old with you.
The gentle kiss while dancing in the rain- Marry me!

It’s October (fall) yet my love is still growing strong.
Nights without you are meaningless- Shining dew drops are closer than bright sun.
Oh! My love, why can’t we float in the steamy froth together?
Let me taste the caffeine (kiss of your love) once again- I am addicted.

In the night under starry skies,
Let me hold u tight- I love you like there is no tomorrow.

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