Monday, 6 February 2017

"Life- A Roller Coaster"

Those days when sun burned, I adored crimson red.
It reminded me of the time when heart was free and mind was no longer bounded
in the shackles of untold misery; Good night’s sleep, peaceful surroundings, and mother’s lap.
What else can toddler expect?

It was 2+2=4 (simple equation); Nobody demanded proof of existence.
Mind didn’t search for an alternative- It was good to cry out loud and bury the pain at once.
To fight over little things and feeling dejected when life threw back- It was an open live show.

Now, when the equation has turned complex,
heart is bound in the shackles of untold misery.
It’s been ages since I guffawed- Somewhere between keeping up with the world and making up for lost things, shit happened- Life.
It’s been ages since I cried out loud to express my feelings- Somewhere between burning on an edge to burning from inside, shit happened- Life.

I used to hate being a loner; I had friends to play with.
Now, loneliness is my only friend- Time burns and so does the goodness.
It’s been ages since someone asked about me- Somewhere between stepping stones and building bridges, shit happened- Life.
It’s been ages since I revealed my true emotions- Somewhere between learning life hacks to getting pragmatic, shit happened- Life.

I crave for the time when I was toddler,
it’s long gone yet the vague hope makes me smile.
Somewhere between spending money to earning money, I realised one thing- All that glitters is not gold.
And somewhere between being innocent to being mature, shit happened- Life.

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