Thursday, 3 August 2017

"Before Tomorrow Comes"

The morning whispers and flickering memories forced my subconscious mind to work in reverse order.

It was a peculiar morning- Frogs jumping in and out from the windows, birds sliding down from the tree tops, Eagles playing hide and seek with the clouds. My mind could sense a storm, but the vivid memories tricked my heart and I found myself trapped in the pool of emotions.

I wore the veil of calmness- only my heart knew that I am a little fish longing for water.  There by the side of Dead Sea, I longed for my survival and made a wish to detach my soul from human emotions. I didn’t know the outcome, but somewhere deep down my heart whispered “Before tomorrow comes, live the life you earned”. 

I knew, I was playing with the wise. That moment, I closed my eyes and my subconscious unveiled the vivid memories like a 3D movie.  I experienced the Déjà vu – My heart lost the battle while my mind still forced me to move on.  I am now a silver antique longing to be fascinated by red (color of love) and my heart uttered:
“Fears will vanish,
Make a step or two,
I will move slowly in the dew,
Visible, Invisible! For mighty few,
before tomorrow comes, I will just live for seconds with you”. 

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