Monday, 8 February 2016

"Reminisces from the Past"

Let thy soul be my mirror,
every inch of that corner completes me,
like love should- as an everlasting Yes.

Let thy voice be my guardian,
it protects me from the bed of thorns,
and on me your words fall,
like rain drops should- as a soft murmured Yes.

Let thy heart be my faithful friend,
it purifies my soul and paints me red,
Every echo i hear, falls upon me,
like love should- as an everlasting Yes.

Day after Day,
my love for you increases like a roaring thunder,
I wish to grow old with you,
and if ever, you come to my grave,
you will find me with open eyes,
waiting for you to arrive.

Will I still Love you the same?
Yes, I will.
Your presence makes me feel alive,
it’s the only sunshine in my life,
with every tomorrow, my heart beats faster,
and the fear of losing you is more than the joy of being with you.

Oh! How you use to be my sunshine,
My love for you has never changed,
It’s like a canopy of hope,
guiding the banished ones,
my love for you never faced winter,
I can hear in my mind, your unending words,
which falls upon me, like love should- as an everlasting Yes.

I miss those morning delights, chocolate packs, and a romantic dazzle.
I miss the sweet peck on my cheeks, tender kisses, and warm hug.
I miss to be with you on Valentine’s Day,
I miss your sweet Hello and Hard Goodbye.

I am alone in the dark,
Oh! Love, please come back;
make me your voice,
until your voice adapts me- as an everlasting Yes.

My heart is gone with yours,
I have nothing left to mourn for,
and all I have is,
Reminisces, Reminisces from the past.

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