Friday, 12 February 2016

"First Rain"

Just when I flicked the calendar leaf,
My eyes got adjusted,
13th Feb, an epic day,
It was like a home coming.

Stefan, do you remember the day?
It was our first date,
I saw you admiring me from the distance,
You never looked so handsome and desirable,
There was something erotic in you that day,
Even the atmosphere played wicked.

Your black-white combo left me jaw dropped,
My senses began to droop down,
Your red effect made me feel the moments of lifetime.

With every step you took, my heart started beating,
My answers were revealed by nature,
It rained and it rained so heavily,
But, you were too hard on your whims,
You managed to surpass that hurdle.

I was in your arms- I didn’t even notice,
I never felt safe like this before,
My body adapted yours,
My soul became your voice,
And every inch you drew me closer made me kiss you even more often.

O! Stefan, you are still on my mind,
your voice was my sweetest delight,
and your love was my pillow tight,
O! Stefan, I still miss that First Rain of our love.

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